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27 Sep 2010


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25 Sep 2010

AFL Grand Final

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Just finished watching the exciting Grand Final between Collingwood Magpies and St Kilda Saints live at Anna’s brother’s. 100 016 people at MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) today. But Anna and I watched it from the couch, a bit different watching the game at 6.30 am in the morning and not being at a Grand Final Party drinking beer and having a barbie. The game was broadcasted live on Eurosport 2 but with Swedish commentators but it worked alright streaming the commentary from What a game though, a draw! Which means the game will be replayed next weekend. Hello Anders and Linda, hope you like company ūüėČ

24 Sep 2010

Valkaos även i Nya Zeeland

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Whale chaos in New Zealand too – The header is only witty in Swedish refering to the election chaos that is going on in Sweden right now and the word for election and whale is the same thing in Swedish. Sorry for trying to be funny it’s really tragic news but I couldn’t help myself.

Last week between 70-80 whales were found stranded on Karikari Beach in a bay in northern New Zealand. Only nine of them survived. Although 13 whales were refloated, a day after they were found stranded in the sand, four were unable to make their way out to sea and had to be put down.

All the whales were pilot whales which apparently are very social animals which leads to frequent mass stranding incidents like this one. It is believed that these particular NZ whales became stranded at nighttime at the beach. With nobody seeing them, it lead to the dozens of whales dying before a rescue could occur. Rescuing them is of course not easy either considering their size, adult males can reach up to 6.1 m and weigh up to 3 tons and adult females measure up to 4.9 m and weigh up to 1.5 tons.

Rescuers try to lift a stranded Pilot Whale
23 Sep 2010

Kitchen reno part 5

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Yesterday was a big day, we cooked the first meal in our brand new oven! What a difference compared to the old one, even if I think it takes some getting used to before we fully know how to operate it, there are so many different features on it compared to my old one form the 70’s. The premier meal was “falukorv i ugn” a typical Swedish sausage gratinated whole in the oven with cheese, apple wedges and mustard. It’s traditionally being served with mashed potatoes but we cheated a bit and had wedges instead. ūüôā

We’ve discovered something really annoying with the induction top from IKEA (NUTID HIN4T) that’s going to drive us nuts. Every time you put anything at all on the stove top (even when it’s not on) it could be a paper, a pan…anything, it beeps! I guess it’s a warning sign so that the touch control panel isn’t turned on accidentally but man is it annoying. This is so far making us not too impressed with our purchase, plus it’s running rather loud but on the plus side it’s super fast….a pot of water boils in no time! To sum it up; induction stove top – YEAH! IKEA NUTID HIN4T – NEJ!

We also managed to put up the drawers in the pantry, quite the discussion was going on before we decided on what height to put them up on. But finally they’re up, it looks great and we could move a lot of stuff off the lounge room floor into the cabinet last night. One step closer to a finished kitchen!

Another not so pleasant surprise yesterday was the invoice from the electrician that I had waiting for me in the mailbox when I got home from work. Alright all the electrical work really needed to be done, but to bo honest I didn’t quite expect it to be THAT expensive, even after the so called ROT deduction (a tax relief of 50% of the labour cost for home repairs and renovations). Nothing to do about it but to accept it, pay the invoice and accept that the kitchen renovation now exceeds the set budget (and that’s with some of the costs only being estimated yet).

On a totally different subject Simon also spotted some “Bambis” outside our apartment building last night helping themselves to a yummy birch leaf dinner. Exiting life we live! ūüôā

Kitchen Reno 2010

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23 Sep 2010

Personal identification number

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I’m so sick of everything being so difficult. I wrote about how I, earlier this month (on the 8th), called the Tax agency to find out what was going on with Simon’s application for his personal identification number – HERE. I of course should have insisted on them checking the application because when I called them again today, since we still haven’t heard anything and it now has been over 5 weeks, I was informed that is was already processed and registered and a decision was apparently sent to us on the 31st of August. Read more

23 Sep 2010

Weirdest bird on the planet?

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Don’t know why I came to think about Cassowaries today but I did and since I never heard of the bird before I went to Queensland with wonderful Maria last year I thought it’s probably the same for you so I enlighten you with information that they exist. After all they might be the weirdest bird on the planet.

This large flightless bird can be found in the tropical rainforest in Indonesia, New Guinea and in Australia. The species found in Australia is known as the Southern Cassowary, Double- wattled Cassowary or just Australian Cassowary (go figure). It’s releated to both Emu and Ostrich but it really doesn’t look like any of them. It’s the second heaviest bird on the planet and it can weigh up to 85 kg and become 190 cm tall but normally this species ranges from 127 to 170 centimetres, with females averaging 58 kilograms and males averaging 29 to 34 kilograms. Cassowaries can run up to 50 km/h through the dense forest and they can jump up to 1.5 metres and they are good swimmers, crossing wide rivers and swimming in the sea as well. A pretty fearsome bird!

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22 Sep 2010

Sverige vs Australia #15

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This is a reflection from Simon that has been noticeable lately since I have to admit we’ve had pizza once or twice during the kitchen reno. In Australia you get your pizza pre-sliced, something you have to do yourself in Sweden. And the following conversation has been taking place:

– Why don’t you get the pizza sliced up?
– Well, I guess Swedish people have pizza slicers or knifes and cut them themselves.
– Don’t you think that’s stupid? But what do you do if you want to bring a pizza and eat it in the park? Do you have to bring a knife or a pizza slicer then? Or if you serving 20 pizzas at a party or something, do you have to stand and cut them all then?
– I guess….*silence*

Point taken, it’s not a major problem in my life but I guess it would be sort of convenient to get the pizza pre-sliced (at least if you’re eating it in a park) so another point goes to the Aussies down under.¬† ūüėČ

Sverige – Australia 6-9


I don’t take points back but I do realise that Australia got off a bit easy on this one, I’ll try to not let it happen again. =) Time for revenge Sweden!!

22 Sep 2010

It’s up to you

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20 Sep 2010

Kitchen reno part 4

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An update on what’s been going on in the kitchen lately. Simon has been working hard since the last update and the kitchen is actually starting to look like a kitchen. The cabinets are up, Simon has custom built most of the kickers, fixed the vent in the pantry cabinet and today we put up some of the doors too.


The sparky (love the word btw) was here again today connecting the the new power outlets, the microwave, oven, stove top and the lights. The lights actually turned out great, I was worried that they wouldn’t give enough light on the bench top (and that would have been a bit embarrassing considering my line of work) but it looks awesome.


One of the best things was on Sunday though when we connected the dishwasher. I’m close to 30 years old and I’ve never had a dishwasher before so that feels very luxurious. No more doing the dishes in the bathroom!

The work continues we have to decide what wallpaper to put up and put it up of course, figure out what to do with the fan (we’ve found out the fan can be connected with the central vent system but then we have to get a different type of fan from the one we bought), finish off mounting the cabinets, get handles for the doors and drawers, figure out what ceiling lights to put in, choose a tap, paint the ceiling, tile and heaps of other small things to sort out. We should be getting the tiles in the end of this week or beginning of the next but we can’t tile until we have the bench top and that’s preliminary set to be delivered on October 5th.

Can I help?

I can’t wait for the kitchen to be finished so that I can cook nice proper meals again. I’m over cooking on the cook plate and eating junk food.

We’ve put up some more pictures from the renovation in the Picasa album for those who are interested.
Kitchen Reno 2010

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20 Sep 2010

The election result

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I normally don’t post political blog posts here but I just have to express how stupid I think Swedish people are. I don’t know what 5,7% of the Swedish nation were thinking when they voted yesterday and gave the anti-immigration party Sverigedemokraterna (Swedish Democrats) their first parliamentary seats ever. The party wants to put the brakes on immigration in Sweden, where more than 100,000 foreigners take up residence every year.

Yesterday’s election was to become historical no matter what the turnout would have been. If the Social Democrates would have won it would have been the first time in history that Sweden would have had a female Prime Minister – Mona Sahlin, but instead the Social Democrates marked their worst election result since 1914. Instead, with the Alliance coalition’s victory, it became the first time in history that a centre-right government was re-elected.

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