19 Sep 2010

Do you know Sweden? – answers

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Here are the correct answers to the quiz. Haven’t seen it yet? Go have a look HERE before you cheat and look at the answers.

1. Swedish is an official language in another country other than in Sweden, which one?

d) Finland

About 6 percent of Finlands population are bilingual – Finnish/Swedish. Most of them live in the southwest part of Finland.

2. Are there any other official languages spoken in Sweden, apart from Swedish?

a) Yes

In Lapland in the far north of Sweden, about 20,000 Sami people speak Sami, a Finnish/Ugrian language also spoken by Sami people in Norway, Finland and Russia.

3. Sweden granted another Scandinavian country independence as late as 1905, which country?

a) Norway

Norway had been in a union with Sweden since November 1814, when on October 16th 1905 the present King Oscar II relinquished the Norwegian throne and recognized Norway as an independent nation.

4. What southernmost Swedish county has the same name (in English) as a vehicle manufacturer?

b) Scania

Scania is an internationally well-known manufacturer of trucks and buses. In Swedish the county is called “Skåne”, with the å (a with a ring over it) pronounced as o in the English word more.

5. Sweden is one of the largest countries (in area) in Europe.

a) True

Sweden is the fourth largest country in Europe after Ukraine, France and Spain. It is actually almost twice the size of Great Britain in area.

6. In Sweden the only place you can buy beer, wine or spirits is in special shops, owned by the government. What is the shop called?

c) Systembolaget

Any alcoholic beverage with an alcohol content of more than 3.5 percent is only sold in the government owned shops. So if you go to a supermarket in Sweden you can only get beer wit less than 3.5 percent alcohol. The same goes for Norway and Finland, while Denmark has a more liberal view and offer all kind of drinks in their supermarkets.

7. Which one of the members of ABBA was actually not Swedish?

d) Frida

Frida or Annifrid as her full name is, was actually born in Norway.

8. What is the second largest city in Sweden?

d) Göteborg (Gothenburg)

Göteborg is the second largest city in Sweden with some 880.000 people living within its metropolitan area. Göteborg is the most important seaport in Sweden with ferries going to Norway, Denmark, Germany and England. Malmö is the third largest city, Stockholm (the capital) is the largest and Helsinki is the capital of Finland.

9. The Swedish capital, Stockholm, is known as what?

b) Venice of the North

Stockholm is often referred to as “The Venice of the North”, because it is located on Sweden’s east coast, where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea. The central parts of the city consists of fourteen islands, all part of the archipelago. The geographical city centre is virtually situated on the water, in the bay Riddarfjärden.

10. How many countries does Sweden have land borders with?

b) 2

Sweden has land borders with only two neighbouring countries – Norway and Finland. It has maritime borders with Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, and it is also linked to Denmark (southwest) by the Öresund Bridge.

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