29 Sep 2010

Annoyed (again)

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Since we found out that Simon already had his personal identification number issued 4 weeks ago (read about it HERE), I thought we could go to the bank and get a bank account sorted. How wrong was I!? I thought that since the number was issued and registered the bank would be able to find or validate the number in their systems which of course wasn’t the case.We need the freaking paper in order to open an account! How hard can it be, really!? Is this really they way it should work? Simon has been in Sweden in almost 7 weeks and hasn’t been able to open a simple bank account. It’s ridiculous and I’m embarrassed to be Swedish when the system works so poorly. It’s like you don’t exist without your personal number, you’re not somebody without it, you don’t count unless you have it – on paper! I say it again, it’s upsetting and ridiculous especially since we still haven’t received the letter from the Tax Agency and they promised to send a new letter last Thursday – 5 (!) days ago.


As it turns out this whole mess is all due to the fact that the mail man don’t have Simon registered at our address. Somehow the information from when he registered at the Tax Agency has not reached Posten (the Swedish postal service). Don’t ask me why because this information should be transferred automatically and it’s not like it was yesterday that he registered, we were at the Tax Agency on the 16th of August, over 6 weeks ago. I called Posten today and got the information that I should call my local mail man, so I did. And now Simon is registered at our address and should be receiving mail from now on.

I also called the Tax Agency again and found out that they got the letter they sent to Simon in return and if we don’t receive the letter from the Tax Agency we can get a printout directly from the register at the local Tax Agency office. We’re planning on going there on Friday so Simon can apply for his ID card so we can get the paper we need then if not before. Then we can make another attempt to go to the bank and open an account.

Who said anything should be easy?!

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