03 Aug 2010

Step-in job

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Got a tip today from one of our readers about something I had no idea even existed. It’s called step-in job (or instegsjobb in Swedish) and it’s a service provided by the Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen).

If you’ve been granted a residence permit within the past 36 months you can get a step-in job. Whoever employs you get a government grant towards your pay. The job can be part time, full-time, until further notice, employment on trial or for a given period of time. The only requirements are that you’re registered with the Public Employment Service as a job seeker and that you take a course in Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) at the same time. You can have a step-in job for 6 months at the time for a maximum of 24 months.

For more information look HERE (pdf ENG) or HÄR (pdf SWE).

As I understand it it can be any job and if that’s correct the chances for Simon to get something within the field he has a lot of experience increases, but we will definitely look into the details to find this out. But it sounds like a good way to get a foot into a company to get the opportunity to show them how invaluable you are so they want to hire you full-time. 😉

Being able to share experiences and tips is so valuable and it’s amazing, all the people we’ve found or that have found us thanks to the blog. People that are or have been in the same situation as us. Thank you all for reading and sharing your experiences with us. If we can just help one person in the future by sharing information and our experiences in the blog we’ll be very happy because we know from first hand experience how much it means.

So, many many thanks to Ida for today’s invaluable tip!

Update 2010-12-28
Apparently this only applies to people who come to Sweden as refugees something I found out today after speaking to Arbetsförmedlingen (The Swedish Unemployment Service). So no help here for Simon. 🙁
Update 2011-06-07

Simon’s employer is now receiving the grant for Simon so clearly the person I spoke to at Arbetsförmedlingen had no idea what they were talking about. What a surprise…not!

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