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02 Aug 2010

IKEA lanserar iPhone app

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Idag lanserar IKEA sin första iPhone applikation. Applikationen heter “IKEA Sverige” och kommer att göra det enklare och roligare att förbereda sina inköp och att handla på IKEA varuhusen.

Följande funktioner finns med:

  • Aktuella kampanjer & erbjudanden
  • IKEA sortimentet i sök och blädderbar form och möjlighet att få fram färg, storlek, skötselråd, lagerinformation mm
  • Inköpslista med totalpris samt var produkterna finns att hämta
  • Lista på alla IKEA varuhus med öppettider, kontaktinformation och hjälp att hitta till och i varuhuset.

Applikation är tillgänglig från och med idag för gratis nedladdning på iTunes App Store. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPod touch och iPad.

Info hämtad från IKEAs hemsida

Måste ju betyda att lilla blyertspennan och pappret är ett minne blott, iaf för oss iPhoneägare. Vill du förresten tjuvkika lite i årets IKEA katalog som dimper ner i brevlådan v34, så kan du titta på den amerikanska sidan HÄR.

IKEA launched its first iPhone app today (only available for IKEA Sweden so far therefore the blog post is in Swedish). Pretty cool, you can get information about the range, current campaigns and you can make your shopping list and get both information about prices and where to pick the item in the warehouse. The app is free.

If you wish to have a sneak peak of the new IKEA catalogue for 2011 that will be released this autumn, go have a look at the American IKEA site HERE.

02 Aug 2010

I’ve been duped

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I’ve always lived under the, as it turns out, false pretence that Mariekex (Marie Biscuits) was a typical Swedish biscuit. But that’s not the case, something I found out when I was browsing Arnott’s homepage yesterday and found them there too. Arnott’s is a well known Australian biscuit manufacturer, similar to what Göteborgs Kex is in Sweden (don’t ask me why I was browsing a biscuit manufacturer’s homepage because I really don’t know how I ended up there).


When I googled Marie biscuits (I love googling stuff) I found out that they were first created by an English bakery back in 1874 to commemorate the marriage of the Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia to the Duke of Edinburgh and later spread across the world. Göteborgs Kex, the manufacturer in Sweden, is only one out of about 30 manufacturers around the world that have Marie Biscuits in their range. My view of the world will never be the same! 😛


But it’s still a very good biscuit. Should ask Simon to bring a pack so we can have a taste test and see if they really do taste the same here and in Australia 🙂

02 Aug 2010

Come with me

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01 Aug 2010

Useful links – Europe

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Last updated: 2011-01-10

We would love to travel some more in Europe now that Simon moves to Sweden and since Anna loves collecting facts there will probably be a couple of blog posts with us sharing useful information from different places in Europe that we plan on travelling to. We’ll collect those posts here and that way you hopefully can find both useful and inspirational information when you’re planning your trips around Europe too. We start off with the post about London with information we collected for our trip there that unfortunately ended up not happening this time but we’ll just go another time.


This blog post can also be found in the drop down menu at the top at all times under Other/Useful links – Europe






01 Aug 2010

London links

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Last updated: 2010-08-01

Since we started researching going to London even though it unfortunately turned out we couldn’t go this time we collected all the useful links we came across. We will travel to London at some point so we can use the information then and maybe you can find something useful too if you’re planning on visiting London yourself. Maybe you’re planning a trip in the summer of 2012 for the Olympic Games. 🙂

If you have any tips on things to do and see or other links feel free to comment on the blog post and we’ll add it to the list. Maybe you have a favourite restaurant, café, shop, museum or sight that shouldn’t be missed.
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01 Aug 2010

My world

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