09 Aug 2010

A great weekend in Stockholm – recap

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I’m a bit tired today after a great but intense weekend in Stockholm. I took the train up straight after work on Thursday and was met at the Central Station by Molly, Sabina, Camilla & Sanna. Great seeing Molly again, as I’ve told you before it was over 5 years since last. Must have looked pretty funny when we were standing there, four blond Swedish girls and Molly 😛 Since it was kind of late (just before 9 pm) we went straight home to Sabina’s apartment were Molly stayed and also were I was going to sleep. We went online and video chatted with Ann and Becca for almost an hour and a half I think. Haven’t spoken to them either since 2005 so that was a treat in itself. Poor Becca sat with an ice pack on each cheek since she just had her wisdom teeth removed.

The Friday was the big day, the only day when all of us could be spend the day with Molly. We got ready and met up with Linda (who came down for the day with her family) and Camilla. We had decided earlier that we were going to go sightseeing on one of the Hop-on Hop-off boat tours so we did. Started off by making a quick visit to the Royal Palace and watched the change of guards. A lot warmer than when Simon did that in January this year and it was around -16 degrees. 🙂 We then continued to Nybroplan and had lunch at a nice café.


The next stop was the Vasa Museum were Sanna met up with us too. Yet again something Simon and I did in January but I still enjoyed it. It’s an impressive ship and one of the top tourist attractions in Stockholm. We planned on going to the amusement park Gröna Lund to have a look since we had free admission with our Hop- on Hop-off tickets. On the way we stopped in a park and video chatted to Ann, Becca and Jake. Really great that we could all talk and it was great seeing Jake too, he had changed so much!

Video chatting with the Shumans

The whole gang – five former au pairs and Molly

After a quick look at Gröna Lund (we didn’t go on any rides since no one was that keen) we took the boat from Djurgården back to Slussen and went for dinner. After following weird GPS directions and walking in circles we finally got to the Indian restaurant, Shanti Soft Corner. We had a really nice meal and I want to direct another BIG thank you to Ann & Jim for the treat!

So much to choose from!

Saturday it was just Molly, Sabina and I most of the day and we took the bus out to Sabina’s parents house in Värmdö. We introduced Molly to lösgodis (loose candy) which I think was a bit overwhelming for her and then we made Swedish pancakes for old times sake. Even though the rain was in the air we decided to follow our plans and go to Vaxholm. It was a bit rainy all day but still a nice day and we took what might be the world’s quickest tour of the Vaxholm Castel museum. 😛

Out of service 😉

On the way back we picked up Camilla from the bus stop and went home to Sabina’s parents again for a BBQ. A little sauna time (all Finish families has a sauna at home) after dinner and then it was time for a really girly night watching Sex and the City 2. Well at least we gave it a try, the weather got worse and instead the evening offered a BIG thunderstorm and a power blackout and we weren’t able to finish watching the movie. A couple of Camilla’s friends were kind enough to come out and pick us up and drive us back to the city and another good day was over.

The Saturday was a shopping day and that’s about all we did before I with sore feet had to take the train back to Jönköping. Missed the bus I wanted to catch by only 2 minutes and had to walk in the rain up the looong hill to my house but was safely home just before 11 pm. A quick talk to Simon before I fell asleep…so no wonder I was tired this morning. 🙂 Well, that was a short (and a bit boring I know) recap of the weekend.

More pics from the weekend can be found in the Picasa album below.

Molly in Stockholm (2010-08-06 to 2010-08-08)
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