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31 Aug 2010

I miss my beer :)

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…and their great ads, here is a oldie but a goodie.

26 Aug 2010

What a week…

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It’s been one busy week this week. Last weekend was awesome and the birthday party turned out great. Good food, great friends and fun games (at least if you ask me :P) what could be better!

But on Monday it was time to get back to reality and get up early in the morning and go to work. This was tough in itself and on top of that I had a couple of issues to take care of right away and also the Swedish sales conference has been on this week so the schedule has been tight and I’ve been flat out all week. Simon on the other hand has been home bored shitless 😛 I guess we better hurry up with those kitchen plans so he can get started on the reno 😉

Plus we had very sad news from Australia this week, Simon’s lovely Nanna passed away yesterday and of course it’s hard for S being so far from his family. It makes you wish Australia and Sweden were a lot closer to each other! My thoughts are of course with the whole of Simon’s family. Wish we both could go there, as Simon said, just close our eyes and be there!

On a more happier note it’s a good thing it was a just a short week, off tomorrow and both Monday and Tuesday. Yeah, luxury!! Me and Simon are actually taking a mini-weekend to Göteborg to celebrate his birthday which is actually on Monday. We’re staying two nights at a hotel, going out for dinner and party and just enjoy spending time together…..we’ll also do a bit more kitchen planning of course :P. The plan is to decide over the weekend what to do so we can get started tearing down the kitchen next week. Highly prioritised is also to buy a new bed. Cuddling and “mys” is nice but we need more space, my 120 cm doesn’t cut it any more!  😉

Well enjoy your weekend!

26 Aug 2010

Take a look kids…

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….and learn from the master. 😉

(click on the image to see the video)

19 Aug 2010


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18 Aug 2010

Exciting life is here :)

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Terribly sorry for this long silence. It’s just been 100% non stop since Simon arrived on Friday and I honestly haven’t had time to write in the blog. We’re still getting used to the fact that we actually are living together now, it’s not just a holiday when Simon is visiting, it’s the real thing. Simon is starting to get over his jetlag, he’s been very alert at 4 am the last week which hasn’t been very appreciated by me since he thought I should be awake and talk to him then 😛

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12 Aug 2010

Exciting life

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12 Aug 2010

Simon’s itinerary

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It’s time for Simon to start his trip to Sweden, he’s leaving Australia today. A long trip though before he gets here but tomorrow just after 5pm there will be a very happy reunion at Landvetter Airport. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to focus on work or anything else for that matters from now on. 🙂 Read more

11 Aug 2010

Less than 48 hours

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It’s official, I’m about to go freakin bananas (which my friend Maria told me was absolutely ok). It’s less than 48 hours until Simon’s plane lands in Gothenburg, until I get to hug and kiss him at the airport, until I’m going to start living together with someone for the first time in my life, until we start a whole new chapter in our life – what an adventure. I can’t wait 🙂

11 Aug 2010


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10 Aug 2010

Coffee anyone?

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Generation 2 the Canon 24-150 mm lens coffee cup

People at work has been going on the last couple of days about a pretty cool coffe mug, a replica of a Canon camera lens. I thought if was really cool and a couple of them ordered the mug the other day. But since I have a Nikon myself I wasn’t that interested. But I love googling and it wasn’t that suprising that I found a Nikon counterpart on the market too.

The Canon one is actually what they call the 2nd generation of their coffee cup, the Canon 24-105mm Lens Coffee Cup. The first one was a thermo cup replica of a 70-200 mm lens, first seen at the Vancouver Winter Olympics earlier this year. The mug was given to the photographers covering the event.

Generation 1 the 70-200 mm lens thermo cup