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02 Jul 2010

A can of inspiration anyone?

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I think I need one for lunch because it’s so depressing with everyone going on their holiday and I just have to work work work all summer long.

01 Jul 2010


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I just want to clarify that it can be quite nice weather in Sweden too even though my lovely boyfriend seems to think it’s freezing cold all year round even in summer. Just look at the forecast for Sweden and Jönköping for Saturday, not bad at all 🙂


Screen dumps taken from the weather site
01 Jul 2010

What happens now?

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I would say it’s fairly easy to come across information about how to apply for a residence permit and the procedures around that if you make an effort and try to find it, at least compared to the lack of information there is to find on what to do once it’s granted. I’ve started investigating what happens when Simon do arrive in Sweden in August and exactly what it is that we have to do and I’ll tell you this, it’s not that easy. Read more

01 Jul 2010

Plague Locust preparation

No Comments South Australia (SA)

There are so many weird or should I maybe say different animals in Australia. Just read in an Australian newspaper about the Plague Locust, a native Australian insect who’s causing trouble for farmers destroying the crops. The big swarms of locusts can also cause problems for the aviation and cause saftey concerns on the roads. It is an annual problem but this year it’s threat is said to be the most serious locust plague in South Australia in close to 40 years. Earlier this year there were swarms of locusts passing through the outback the size of Spain!

I would call this little creepy animal a grasshopper, but what do I know ;). The are quite big, that I know, they range in size from 20 to 45 mm in length and the colour varies from brown to green. And one locust can lay up to 500 (!) eggs, and that is what is currently causing the state government to announce a $ 12.8 million funding package to fight the plague before the eggs hatch in spring and tens of billions of hoppers start spreading. The package includes money to pay for extensive aerial spraying in some regions and a rebate scheme for chemical purchases by farmers in some.

If your interested in reading more about the locusts look HERE (pdf).