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24 Jul 2010

Come join me

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A friend of mine helped me make an invite for my going away drinks. Pretty cool, hey?


23 Jul 2010

Australians sure talk funny – answers

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Here are the correct answers to the quiz. Haven’t seen it yet? Go have a look HERE before you cheat and look at the answers. Read more

23 Jul 2010

I love my thongs!

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Thongs as in flip flops that is and nothing else and my havaianas in particular. I never owned a more comfortable pair of thongs and therefore I just HAVE to share this with you. If you get the chance, buy a pair or maybe two. Havaianas (pronounced ah-vai-YAH-nas) is a Brazilian brand by the way and means Hawaiians in Portuguese and they are very popular in Australia. Now time for bed 🙂

22 Jul 2010

Smile more

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21 Jul 2010


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I’m in Blekinge the rest of the week to celebrate my mum’s birthday (which is really next week). It’s a good week to be home in Karlshamn since it’s the week of Östersjöfestivalen, or Karlshamn Baltic Festival.

Each year, during a few summer days in July the seaside town Karlshamn shows itself from its most charming and relaxed side. The town welcomes everyone to the Karlshamn Baltic Festival (Östersjöfestivalen). It’s held every year during the same week in July. The last few years almost a quarter of a million visitors have invaded the streets of Karlshamn during the festival. This impressive figure makes it one of the largest free festivals in Sweden.

One of the main features of the festival is the music with everything from jazz to samba being played on every street corner. The food stalls, the cultural influences, the carnival procession and the Baltic Song Contest are other things associated with the festival.

Hopefully I’ll be able to go into the city for a visit tomorrow and on Friday after work, soak up the atmosphere and maybe grab a beer or two in one of the many öltält (beer tents).

For more Typically Swedish things have a look HERE!

20 Jul 2010

Australians sure talk funny – quiz

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Do you know the answers? If you don’t you can cheat and have a look at the answers.

Hint: the blog post G’day mate! might be of some help 😉

1. ‘Don’t come the raw prawn with me, mate!’. If an Aussie said this to you, what does he mean?

a) ‘Put more fuel on the barbecue.’
b) ‘You can’t fool me, pal!’
c) ‘Don’t steal my fishing bait!’
d) ‘Stop staring at me!’ Read more

20 Jul 2010

Not the end

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19 Jul 2010

I miss my boys

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19 Jul 2010

Did you know this about Oz?

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Here are some fun facts about Australia. Not 100% sure everything is true but read and enjoy!


  • The platypus, kangaroo, koala, emu and kookaburra are only found in Australia.
  • There are 1500 species of Australian spiders. And the average person swallows three spiders a year. (Don’t ask me how just accept)
  • Sheep outnumber the people in Australia; there are more than 150 million sheep but only some 20 million people.
  • The Tasmanian Devil does exist, and it has the jaw strength of a crocodile.
  • Australia has more venomous snakes than any other country in the world.
  • Australia has the world’s largest population of wild camels with one hump.
  • There are over 6000 species of flies, about 4000 species of ants, and about 350 species of termites in Australia.
  • Australia has the world’s largest cattle station (ranch). At 30 028 km2 it is almost the same size as Belgium.
  • Termite mounds are the tallest non-human constructions on earth.
  • Sharks are immune to all known diseases.

Read more

19 Jul 2010

Visingsö, Gränna & Polkagrisar

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We Swedes eat about 153 million kilos of candy every year, that equals 17(!) kilos per person and year. (Source ”Godis åt folket” av Thomas Hedlund och André Persson). So I guess it’s safe to say that Swedes have a sweet tooth and what would be better then, than visiting the candy mecca – Gränna. And that’s exactly what we did this weekend when I had my friends that I haven’t seen in ages visit me!

Gränna is known for its polkagrisar, directly translated polka pigs but more correctly translated peppermint rocks. It all started in 1859 when the widow Amalia Eriksson got the town council’s permission to support herself and her daughter by making pastries and the so called polkagrisar. The name polkagris is said to originate from the polka dance that was popular around 1840 and it came to be Gränna’s no 1 token and one of Sweden’s most popular souvenirs. Read more