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29 Jul 2010

Christmas in July

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They are a bit different down on the southern hemisphere. For example celebrating Christmas in July is considered normal. Christmas in July is the name given to social events with a winter Christmas theme celebrated in July, since July is the coldest month and they never get to experience a cold and white Christmas. Not that they get any snow in July either in Australia (except for in the mountains) but anyway.

How did Christmas in July get started and what is it?

Although it is sometimes attributed to an Irish group who enjoyed the winter snow in Sydney’s Blue Mountains and decided to party (throw a Yulefest), the precise beginnings of the Christmas in July tradition is not totally clear, nor does it need to be, as it is a simple idea that has been enjoyed by many who remember the nothern hemisphere’s snow blanketed Christmas nights.

Australians too love a traditional Christmas dinner, however the typical midsummer heat on Christmas Day, means that many families are forced to focus on salads, because it is just too hot to get enthusiastic about a traditional big roast with pudding etc. Read more

29 Jul 2010


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This is the nice view we got later at night…just before it started to rain.

Had a pretty busy day yesterday being bright and early at work at 7 am so that I could leave a bit earlier and still have done my hours. Didn’t quite have my head with me either leaving my lunch on the bench in the kitchen at home which was a bit of a bummer since the restaurant at work is closed this week. Went to the pool to swim a couple of laps straight after work (the reason why I wanted to go from work early), ended up doing 30 laps to be exact meaning 1500 m. I really enjoy swimming 🙂


Went to Nina’s house for dinner with a couple of other girls from work directly after and had a really nice night; sitting outside eating a very nice three course dinner, chatting and laughing. Vardagslyx! (A Swedish word meaning luxury on a workday/weekday). The rainbow we saw was pretty but I didn’t get as excited over it as this guy. Check this out, he REALLY likes rainbows!



Better hurry up and get ready for work now. Take care!

28 Jul 2010

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28 Jul 2010


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UGG boots are unisex sheepskin boots believed to have first been developed in Australia or New Zealand (both countries claim to have been the originators).

The history of the boot goes back as far as to World War I when they were worn by aviators. While it is not clear when manufacturing started, by 1933, UGG boots were being manufactured by Blue Mountains UGG Boots.

In the 1960s, UGG boots became a popular option for competitive surfers, who used the boots to keep their feet warm after exiting from the surf. It was surfing which helped popularise the boots outside of Australia and New Zealand, when surfer Brian Smith started selling the boots in the United States in 1979. Later, UGG boots emerged as a fashion trend in the United States, with celebrities wearing the boots, increasing the demand.

For more Typically Aussie things have a look HERE!

27 Jul 2010

My best friend this arvo

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My wheat bag is my best friend tonight, I have the weirdest neck pain. It started the other day with being a bit sore and today it just hurts a lot more. I’m hoping the heat from the wheat bag will help.

It totally ruined my plans to go for a jog this arvo since it feels like someone stuck a knife in my neck while I move it certain ways. 🙁

Maybe I should go work on my budget instead to at least do something productive.

27 Jul 2010

Sverige vs Australia #9

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In Australia you can buy ice cream at the cinemas something I, as a Swede, found really strange. Not just ice cream bars either but cones with scoops of ice cream. Kulglass as we would say in Sweden, don’t know if there is a good English word for it.

I’m not personally a big ice cream fan and I would imagine it can get really messy bringing in ice cream into the saloon. But I guess I’ll hand the point to Australia anyway for being creative and offering the option. 🙂

Would you eat ice cream at the cinema?

Sverige – Australia 4-5

27 Jul 2010

It’s all about being creative

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Found this behind the scenes clip on youtube. Pretty cool, check it out!

26 Jul 2010


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Illustration by Therese Sennerholt
26 Jul 2010

18 days to go

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Sitting at home after work and just thinking of what the future has in store for me…for us. Ever since Simon went home from Sweden in January (191 days ago) the focus has just been on getting the visa ready (the whole process of the application can be found HERE) and sorting out how to get Simon here and for him it has been a lot of work with both the yard and the rest of the house. I got myself a hard working man 😉 Read more

25 Jul 2010

London in August?

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We’re planning on maybe going to London for a long weekend in the end of August. We’re currently looking at accommodation and it’s a jungle out there. 😛 We don’t want to spend a fortune but at the same time we don’t want to end up too far away from the city centre either.

Any suggestions on where to stay and what to see and do while we’re there?