20 Jul 2010

Australians sure talk funny – quiz

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Do you know the answers? If you don’t you can cheat and have a look at the answers.

Hint: the blog post G’day mate! might be of some help 😉

1. ‘Don’t come the raw prawn with me, mate!’. If an Aussie said this to you, what does he mean?

a) ‘Put more fuel on the barbecue.’
b) ‘You can’t fool me, pal!’
c) ‘Don’t steal my fishing bait!’
d) ‘Stop staring at me!’

2. To get a hot tip, for example, to be told the winner of the next horse race, is to get the

a) toast of the town
b) green bean
c) red paint
d) good oil

3. If I was to ‘chuck a u-ey in my ute’, what am I doing?

a) stealing a female sheep
b) turning my car to head in the opposite direction
c) throwing a boomerang
d) selecting a Christmas tree

4. Which of the following is NOT a meaning for the word ‘blue’?

a) a river
b) a redheaded man
c) a fight
d) a mistake

5. What are ‘salties’ and ‘freshies’?

a) crocodiles
b) sailors
c) table condiments
d) rivers

6. What is the most popular sport held on Christmas Day down-under?

a) snow skiing
b) horse racing
c) Rugby League
d) backyard cricket

7. Bundy and Coke is an alcoholic drink that is quite popular in Australia, but what specific type of spirit is ‘Bundy’?

a) Brandy
b) Retsina
c) Vodka
d) Rum

8. What are croweaters, sandgropers and banana benders?

a) species of sharks
b) native animals
c) nicknames for residents of various states
d) fruit pickers

9. What activity do these words all relate to? Pot, Handle, Schooner, Pony?

a) umpiring Australian Rules football
b) beer drinking
c) outback cooking
d) a game of marbles

10. ‘The relos have lobbed’. What has happened?

a) you have just won a point in a game of tennis
b) your family has just arrived
c) you have just moved house
d) your cooking has attracted a cloud of insects

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2 Responses to “Australians sure talk funny – quiz”

  1. Reply Carolina says:

    What a great idea – this was good fun! Will be interesting to see how many correct answers I managed to get.. 🙂


  2. Reply Syster Yster says:

    1: B
    2: B
    3: Men Anna då!!! Låter totalt barnförbjudet. ;p
    4: B
    5: C
    6: D
    7: D
    8: C
    9: B
    10: B

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