15 Jun 2010

Things are not going our way

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I’ve been trying to get more information about what happens to our application now. I’ve called the Migration Board trying to get to speak to someone who knows, without any luck. Simon e-mailed our contact person at the Embassy in Canberra yesterday and at least got the name of the case officer assigned to our case. He didn’t get a direct phone number though so I called the main number today in an attempt to reach her. As it turns out she’s on holiday this week and returns on Monday. Just our luck, hey! At least I have her direct number now.

I guess it’s not a good time being in this stage of the application right now since summer holidays are coming up in Sweden. Hopefully our case officer will hand us a decision before she goes on holiday. We’re running out of time for Simon to be able to come over in mid-August since we need to book his flight (at a reasonable price), he needs to resign with at least a month’s notice, empty and rent out his house and sort out all the other practical stuff and he can’t really begin to do any of this before a decision has been made.

Also Simon found a perfect job today in Göteborg, doing what he’s doing in Melbourne. I called the contact person and asked him if it was worth for S applying based on the fact that he has over 6 years of experience within the field but don’t know Swedish. The company is an international company but the person I called told me that within this position all the communication they have with the customers as well as the information is in Swedish which would be hard for S. I got his email address and encouraged S to send him a letter and his CV and maybe something different will come up but this really got him down (understandably) and I don’t seem to find the right words to cheer him up and make him think positive.

I wish I was there to help him out. Being supportive from Sweden is hard and we both could use some positive news soon…we’re running out of energy and it’s hard to keep the spirits up and stay positive. If he’s not here by mid-August he’ll miss my 30th birthday party and he’ll also miss out on Swedish summer which would truly suck! I don’t think I need to tell you that focusing on work is difficult too right now.

On a more positive note (it’s always good not to end the post as grumpy bum) I have to tell you that I found another couple where the girl is from Sweden (actually grew up close to were I grew up) and the guy from Melbourne. They now live in Stockholm, Sweden, and if you want to read more about their adventure you should visit their blog – Swedstralia.

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