04 Jun 2010


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One of the things I miss most when I’m abroad (besides family and friends :P) is filmjölk, also known as fil. Came to think of it today when I woke up and was craving it for breakfast. There is no English term for filmjölk but it’s normally described as sour milk or fermented milk which describes what it is but doesn’t differientiate it from other types of sour/fermented milk. And it is different from anything I ever tasted.

There are heaps of different kinds of fil and there are types with our without flavour. My personal favourite is unflavoured A-fil, a fil with added lactobacillus acidophilus, a commonly used probiotic bacteria.

Wikipedia describes filmjölk;

In Nordic countries, filmjölk is commonly eaten during breakfast or as a snack between meals (mellanmål) in the same manner as yoghurt, usually from a bowl with a spoon. It can be drunk but is not normally done so since the liquid is fairly thick. Filmjölk is often eaten with breakfast cereal, muesli or crushed crisp bread on top. Since plain filmjölk tastes somewhat sour, many people add sugar, jam, applesauce, cinnamon, ginger, fruits, and/or berries….

…To make filmjölk, a small amount of bacteria from an active batch of filmjölk is normally transferred to pasteurised milk and then left one to two days to ferment at room temperature or in a cool cellar. The fil culture is needed when using pasteurised milk because the bacteria occurring naturally in milk are killed during the pasteurization process.

I normally eat fil for breakfast with home made muesli on top or with fruits and berries in it. I love the summertime (which is now – yeah!) when I can add nice fresh strawberries in it. I also use it when I bake as an ingredient in my bread.

Since fil can only be found in the Nordic countries does anyone have a tip on what it can be replaced with when living abroad? Is there a good alternative in Australia that I failed to find?

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