06 Jun 2010


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The word fika is both a verb and a noun and it has a broad definition. There is no English word for it but it’s one of the first words aliens learn when they go to Sweden. Essentially it means having a break most often a coffee break with colleagues, friends, a date, or family. But it’s not just a coffee with cake it’s a social phenomena. There also seem to always be time for a fika, no matter how busy you are. 🙂

A fika is an important break during the day and you can take a fika at a cafĂ© during your shopping spree or maybe on a date, at home, at work, in a park…basically anywhere. Swedes are one of the biggest consumers of coffee but you don’t have to drink coffee on your fika you can also for example drink tea, soft drinks or cordial (in Swedish saft). The fika is usually accompanied by something sweet like a cookie, a cinnamon bun or maybe a cake.

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