09 Jun 2010

Certificate arrived

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The civic registration certificate (“familjebevis“) finally arrived in the mail today. I had everything else ready Sunday night and since then I’ve just been waiting for the certificate. I called Skatteverket (the Swedish Tax Agency) and ordered it Friday morning last week so I don’t really understand what took so long…6 days. But that seems to be the story of this whole process…a reoccurring What took them so long?

Anyway, now I can finally send in my part of the application to the Migration Board office here in Jönköping (I’ll do it tomorrow). I’m hoping that all will be processed quickly so we can get a decision, whether the application is granted or rejected…at this point any decision would be helpful. I truly with every inch of my body hope it will be granted so that we then can book Simon’s flight and start looking forward to him getting here. I miss him so much, even more now after being down to Melbourne…it gets harder and harder.

The Migration Board has a goal; to deliver a decision within 6 months from the date the application was first handed in to the Embassy. I our case this happened 2010-02-23, meaning the process has been going on for about 3.5 months. I’m hoping for a decision within 4 weeks though. *Fingers crossed*

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