05 May 2010

Another setback

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It never ends. I called the Migration Board today asking about Simon’s application. I called them as soon as the customer service opened at 8.30 am this morning. Luckily it took me about two minutes before I got through, though the news they had for me was not good at all. The application was registered in the system on the 30th of April but the woman I spoke to told me that they it would take 1-2 months(!) before I get the papers sent to me that I need to fill out since they are so busy at the moment. I tried to convince her that I needed the process to go faster than that and asked her if there was anything I could do to speed it up. But no…I just have to wait.It sucks big time. Simon and I had just started to make some plans on how to proceed and they included Simon getting here in beginning of July so he wouldn’t miss out on Swedish summer. Now we might have to wait until August before we get a decision from the Migration Board, and there is no guarantee it will be a positive one. I was extremely upset and sad after I hung up…again. It’s hard on me but it’s even harder on Simon who has to prepare to leave everything in Australia, get the house and yard ready, rent out his house and sort out what to do with his furniture and stuff, quit his job and so on. Not knowing when this is going to happen sucks and makes it extremely difficult to plan ANYTHING!

I will keep bugging the Migration Board and see if I get a different answer the next time I call. They seem to give different answers depending on who you get to speak to. We’ll also look into other options as far as Simon getting here on a Working Holiday Visa and how that might effect the application for the residence permit, if he needs to still be in Australia when the decision is delivered etc. So many questions and so much frustration right now. All we want is to be together, should that be so freaking hard!!?

One positive thing is that I’ll be in Simon’s arms in just one week. I can’t wait!

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