09 Apr 2010

Interview went well

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I slept like crap last night, I have no idea why. Kept waking up and had trouble going back to sleep again. Maybe it was because I was nervous about Simon’s interview which he had at noon (or 4 am Swedish time). Anyway, I spoke to him this morning before work and the interview had gone well. I don’t know all the details, we couldn’t speak for long since he called me from his mobile. But as I suspected they asked questions about how and when we met, about our relationship, about my parents’ names, where I went to high school, what I work with, our plans for the future, about Simon’s work and education and so on.

He was also told that the application would be sent to Sweden now, to the Migration Board and an administrator should have the application on his/her desk within two weeks. When I’ll hear from them all depends on how busy they are at the moment. Hopefully I’ll hear from them before I leave for Melbourne.

Ideal would of course be if the process would be finished and they would have made a decision before I go but I’m not sure if hoping for that is being a bit too optimistic. But if that was the case we would be able to make plans about what we should do while I’m down there.

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