29 Apr 2010

Extremely upset

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Nothing is ever running smoothly or being easy. I should have learned that by now. Since it’s been over two weeks since Simon’s interview (April 9th) I called the Swedish Migration Board on Monday to see if they had registered the application papers from Australia yet. After spending over 30 min in a phone queue I only found out that they hadn’t and I couldn’t get the paper work I need to fill out sent to me before they receive the case from Australia. I was asked to call back next week.

I then asked Simon to give the Embassy a call and see if they could give him a case number and some more information. He gave them a call on Tuesday and got the case number and the same information I got, the application has not been registered in Sweden yet.I’m a bit inpatient at the moment since I want to get the papers sorted before I leave to go to Melbourne so I then gave the Migration Board another call today, spent another good 30 min in phone queue only to find out that the application had been sent from Australia THIS Tuesday, the same day Simon called them. They had obviously totally forgot about it even though they knew that we wanted to rush the application process if possible and they’ve said at the Embassy that they were going to send the papers as soon as they possibly could. So it’s been lying on someone’s desk for OVER TWO WEEKS!

Anyway, I’m very upset but not much I can do about it. I did get information this time about the form they will send me though (form T77 – pdf in Swedish) and I can prepare the answers to the questions at least. I’m not allowed to send it in though before I receive the letter in the mail from the Migration Board. But first the application has to reach Sweden and be registered, which would take around two weeks then I guess according to earlier information we’ve received. I don’t have two weeks. I leave for Melbourne in two weeks! I will give the Migration Board another call….or ten…next week to try to rush things and prepare the answers to the questions before then.

It’s 2010, ever heard of email??

Why do the papers need to be sent by snail mail?

Stupid facts that has very little relevance to this:

A grown up garden snail moves about 48m/hour. The distance between Melbourne and Stockholm is about 15590 km which means it would take a snail 324792 hours or 37 years to get from Melbourne to Stockholm. Let’s hope the process goes a bit faster than that…

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