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30 Apr 2010

Walpurgis Night

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It’s April 30th today, in Sweden a day known as Valborgsmässoafton or simply Valborg (in English Walpurgis Night). The day is a festive occasion associated with the bonfires but also singing of traditional songs of Spring and parties of course. The day is particularly popular with students as they have usually just finished their exams and it is a time to let their hair down and enjoy their new found freedoms.

The celebration has ancient traditions possibly going back to pre-Christian times in Europe. The day marks the birth of Saint Walpurga, who is believed to have been born in Devon, England around the year 710. This tradition of lighting bonfires on this day originates from Germany, where they lit bonfires to scare off witches. In Sweden we used to let cows and goats out into the forest on May 1st to begin their summer grazing. The Vikings picked up the habit of lighting bonfires to keep away evil spirits and wild animals so that the livestock would not get harmed. They also used the bonfires to celebrate and hurry up spring, and to purify nature. Read more

29 Apr 2010

Extremely upset

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Nothing is ever running smoothly or being easy. I should have learned that by now. Since it’s been over two weeks since Simon’s interview (April 9th) I called the Swedish Migration Board on Monday to see if they had registered the application papers from Australia yet. After spending over 30 min in a phone queue I only found out that they hadn’t and I couldn’t get the paper work I need to fill out sent to me before they receive the case from Australia. I was asked to call back next week.

I then asked Simon to give the Embassy a call and see if they could give him a case number and some more information. He gave them a call on Tuesday and got the case number and the same information I got, the application has not been registered in Sweden yet. Read more

09 Apr 2010

Interview went well

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I slept like crap last night, I have no idea why. Kept waking up and had trouble going back to sleep again. Maybe it was because I was nervous about Simon’s interview which he had at noon (or 4 am Swedish time). Anyway, I spoke to him this morning before work and the interview had gone well. I don’t know all the details, we couldn’t speak for long since he called me from his mobile. But as I suspected they asked questions about how and when we met, about our relationship, about my parents’ names, where I went to high school, what I work with, our plans for the future, about Simon’s work and education and so on.

He was also told that the application would be sent to Sweden now, to the Migration Board and an administrator should have the application on his/her desk within two weeks. When I’ll hear from them all depends on how busy they are at the moment. Hopefully I’ll hear from them before I leave for Melbourne.

Ideal would of course be if the process would be finished and they would have made a decision before I go but I’m not sure if hoping for that is being a bit too optimistic. But if that was the case we would be able to make plans about what we should do while I’m down there.

08 Apr 2010

Interview time

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I don’t know why I’m a bit nervous, it’s not me who has an interview at the Embassy tomorrow, it’s Simon. I don’t think he has anything to worry about though. The person interviewing him seems very relaxed. When Simon talked to her today asking what he should wear (I know it sounds silly but we had a discussion about it and we didn’t really know, is it formal or not?!) and she said he could come in shorts and thongs if he wanted to (remember thongs means flip-flops and nothing else in Australia). Plus he didn’t have to bring anything at all, no pictures or anything like that.

Simon has to drive up to Canberra meaning a drive of about 650 km or 7 hours! He’s staying over at a friends house tonight (and tomorrow night) about 3 hours from Melbourne so he doesn’t have to drive the whole way the same day, but still the things you do for love, hey?! ♥

I’ll update you on how he went and the type of questions they ask him tomorrow.

And by the way, it’s getting closer only five weeks to go before I leave for Melbourne…