20 Mar 2010

Kalles Kaviar

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I guess when we talk about Vegemite being something typically Australian that kids are brought up on and something foreigners find a bit weird then I just have to mention Kalles Kaviar as the Swedish equivalence.

Kalles kaviar is a Swedish brand of fish roe spread. It’s based on a several hundred years old recipe which originates from the Swedish west coast and in particular Lysekil. It differs from the more common sturgeon or salmon caviar in that it is made from cod roe and a variable mix of other ingredients.

Kalles Kaviar has been a commercial success ever since its market launch in 1954. The tube has maintained the same design from the beginning and it’s well-recognised in Sweden.

Personally I don’t like it at all but I have many friends who can’t live without it and it’s one of the things they miss the most when they’re abroad. Thankfully IKEA often feature the product in their food department which also has made the product internationally recognized as a Swedish product.

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