15 Mar 2010

Application process

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I’ll continuously update this post with the progress of Simon’s residence permit application.


  • 2010-02-18 – Simon sends in the application to the Embassy of Sweden in Canberra.
  • 2010-02-23 – The application is received by the Embassy


  • 2010-03-16 – After calling the Embassy (after not hearing anything from them yet) we’re asked to provide additional information to help prove that Simon and I are indeed partners. We are also informed that they will get back to Simon regarding a time for an interview. Friends and family are asked to write letters and send to the Embassy.
  • 2010-03-23 – Simon receives an e-mail from the Embassy saying that he should get in contact to set up an interview. He has to go to Canberra to be interviewed in person at the Embassy (since there is no Swedish Consulate in Melbourne).
  • 2010-03-25 – Simon calls and sets up an appointment for the interview.


  • 2010-04-09 – Simon has his interview at the Embassy of Sweden in Canberra. He’s told the application will be sent to Sweden and it’ll be with an administrator at the Swedish Migration Board within two weeks.
  • 2010-04-26 – I call the Swedish Migration Board (phone:+46 (771) 235 235) to find out if the application has been registered yet which it hasn’t and I’m asked to call back the following week.
  • 2010-04-27 – Simon calls the Embassy of Sweden and gets a case number and the same information I received by the Migration Board, that the application isn’t registered in Sweden yet.
  • 2010-04-27 – The application is sent from Australia to Sweden.
  • 2010-04-29 – I call the Migration Board again and find out that the application was sent from Australia on the 27th. I’m extremely upset. I also receive information on the form that will be sent to me once the application reaches Sweden.
  • 2010-04-30 – The application is registered in Sweden.


  • 2010-05-05 – I call the Migration Board and receive information that the application was registered in Sweden on the 30th of April and that I can expect it to take 1-2 months before I receive the form I need to fill out.
  • 2010-05-31 – A letter is sent to me from the Migration Board with information about where to find the form I need to print out and fill in and other additional information I’ll have to send in to complete Simon’s application. I have four weeks to do this.


  • 2010-06-09 – The civic registration certificate (familjebevis) arrives from the Tax Agency (Skatteverket).
  • 2010-06-10 – The application is sent in to the Migration Board.
  • 2010-06-22 – I finally reach our case officer and I’m told that her goal is to have a decision for us within two weeks unless something unexpected comes up or she needs me to supply more information. If this falls through we know before July 6.
  • 2010-06-24 – Simon recieves his passport back and I recieve a letter letting us know that Simon has been granted a residence permit and a work permit for two years. We are VERY happy! The process ended up taking just around 4 months.
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