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25 Mar 2010

Things are happening

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Maybe things will work out after all. Simon spoke to the people at the Embassy in Canberra today and set up an appointment for the interview. It sounds like the letters we sent in helped prove our case and after what I understood they don’t think there will be any issues for us getting the application approved.

But I’m not going to jump up and down of joy yet. We’ll still have to see what happens. But Simon didn’t have to bring print outs of our e-mail conversations or lots of photos of us to the interview if he didn’t want to so it sounds like they believe that we’re not in a scam relationship. I’ll make sure he still brings some pictures, like the photo book I gave him for Valentine’s Day. It sounds like the interview will be more like an informal conversation so that’s good. Since Easter is coming up the interview is booked for the 9th of April, so two more weeks to wait. After Simon has had his interview, the application will be sent to Sweden and it’s my turn to get questioned.

Simon also has been sending in some applications for jobs in Sweden. Apparently there might be an issue with him working within the security/alarm business (at least as a technical engineer) not being a Swedish citizen. We’re trying to find out all the facts about this.

20 Mar 2010

Kalles Kaviar

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I guess when we talk about Vegemite being something typically Australian that kids are brought up on and something foreigners find a bit weird then I just have to mention Kalles Kaviar as the Swedish equivalence.

Kalles kaviar is a Swedish brand of fish roe spread. It’s based on a several hundred years old recipe which originates from the Swedish west coast and in particular Lysekil. It differs from the more common sturgeon or salmon caviar in that it is made from cod roe and a variable mix of other ingredients.

Kalles Kaviar has been a commercial success ever since its market launch in 1954. The tube has maintained the same design from the beginning and it’s well-recognised in Sweden.

Personally I don’t like it at all but I have many friends who can’t live without it and it’s one of the things they miss the most when they’re abroad. Thankfully IKEA often feature the product in their food department which also has made the product internationally recognized as a Swedish product.

18 Mar 2010

Interview questions

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Anyone know what type of questions they embassy will ask when they call Simon for his interview regarding the residence permit?

My guess would be that they want to know how we met, how long we’ve been in a relationship, how frequently we meet (does meeting on Skype count? if it does the answer is EVERY day!!), our plans for the future and so on. They probably ask him about his profession, if he has a university degree, financial status and questions like that too but it would be interesting to hear from someone who actually know.

From what I understand from reading up on the subject, it seems to be pretty hard to get a permit into Sweden since I do live in a country with a lot of benefits like free healthcare, free education etc. and it seems to be a popular destination. I honestly thought that getting a residence permit to Sweden would be a lot easier than getting one for Australia but now I don’t know.

I think Simon taking a Swedish class already before leaving Australia is a really good thing. Then he shows that he’s really trying and realistically it increases his chances of getting a job here. I assume that the Swedish government don’t want people here that are unemployed because then they don’t pay taxes and are just an expense.

This process is exhausting I tell you that much. Not knowing anything about the future sucks!

16 Mar 2010

Residence permit

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The plan is for Simon to move to Sweden for a while and we’ve applied for a residence permit. Simon could apply for a Working Holiday Visa since he’s under 30 but we’ve chosen to try to get a residence permit first and if that doesn’t work out he’ll apply for the Visa instead.

I though I would provide information about the process and what’s going on since I thought it would have been helpful to read about it from someone who has experienced it. All the information will end up in the category Move to Sweden and the posts will have the new Sweden banner that you can see in this post. Read more

15 Mar 2010

Application process

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I’ll continuously update this post with the progress of Simon’s residence permit application.


  • 2010-02-18 – Simon sends in the application to the Embassy of Sweden in Canberra.
  • 2010-02-23 – The application is received by the Embassy

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05 Mar 2010

Vasaloppet ski race

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Having breakfast and watching the traditional Vasaloppet ski race on TV (it’s always held the first Sunday in March). Vasaloppet is the oldest, the longest (90 km) and the biggest (this year it’s about 15 800 participants) cross country ski race in the world. It’s held in north-western Dalarna between the towns Sälen and Mora. The race was started in 1922 being inspired by the run that the future King Gustav Vasa had made in 1520. Read more