10 Sep 2009

BIG problems

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I have big problems right now regarding my Swedish bank. The bank security device used to give me a code that I need to log in to my internet banking went flat (without any warning). Change the batteries would have been an easy solution but unfortunately that doesn’t work on my device (I tried it with the result being the device being reset.) You have to go into the bank office and change the whole device.

I used to have phone banking as well so I tried calling that and tried to enter what I thought was my pin code just to find out it had expired. Apparently the codes have been changed from 4 digits to 5 digits lately and if you didn’t use the service during a transition period and changed your code the old one was expired (this has probably been taking place while I’ve been here). Give me a break!!

Fine, the realisation had me worried but I didn’t really panic by then but after talking to the bank office I sure did. The information I got was that I do need to go into the office to exchange the device (hard since I’m in Australia), no devices are sent through the mail and without an authorization no one else can get a new device for you. The authorization cannot be done through fax or e-mail or anything like that you have to personally go to the bank to get this fixed (once again hard when I’m in Australia) and it can’t be done through any other bank offices outside Sweden either.

The bank can’t tell me the amount of money I have in my account either through the phone and they can’t help me transfer money from my e-accounts to the account connected to my VISA-card. They can’t tell me what invoices I have received into the internet bank either but suggested I call the companies I get invoices from electronically and ask them to send me paper invoices instead. Basically they can’t help me at all. Once again, give me a break!! I think I’ll change my bank when I get home, to one with some customer service, which Swedbank obviously lack.

I so regret not following up on the “arrange for my mum to get authorization to my bank accounts in case anything happens” on my to-do list before I left Sweden. I ran out of time and didn’t think it would matter since I can do everything from my internet banking. Was I wrong or what!! So my advice to all your travellers out there is to make sure to give someone else access to your accounts because otherwise in case anything like this happens you’re screwed….like me! 🙁

So my situation right now is as follows: I can’t access my accounts so at the moment I don’t know how much money there is in my account (can’t get a bank statement through the ATM’s here either), I can’t see the invoices I only receive electronically to my internet bank which makes it hard to pay them, the money I transferred to my accounts only reached through the internet bank can’t be reached either (money I put away every month to use on my holiday in October).

On the positive side, I can still withdraw money with my VISA card (I just don’t know how much there is to withdraw). Yeah, that’s about all the positive sides of the story I can think of…oh yeah, it’s not the end of the month either so there shouldn’t be any unpaid bills…yet. And it’s not May it’s September, this would have been an even bigger disaster if it would have happened when I just got here, now it’s only two months left before I’m home and can sort it out. Things I try to tell myself in order to cheer myself up….to tell you the truth it’s not really working.

If you have any smart solutions how to solve this dilemma, please let me know, I consider myself being desperate at the moment. But I will try not to let this ruin my weekend in Sydney and I’ll deal with it when I get back next week.

Because of the drama around this yesterday I still haven’t uploaded the photos from last weekend so I’m afraid you have to wait until the end of the weekend since I’m leaving for Sydney straight from work today.

Take care and have a nice weekend!

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